Exclusive sideways Hat knitting bundle!

With this bundle you'll be enrolled on both my Turning Sideways: Beanie + Pixie and Turning Sideways: Beret + Slouch classes. Between them you'll learn everything you need to know to design and knit your own custom fit beanies and berets in any weight yarn!

Follow the links above or click through from the workshop thumbnails below to get the full details of everything included in this bundle. As with all Woolly Wormhead workshops there's a 30-day money back guarantee.

About Woolly

My name is Woolly Wormhead, and I’m a Hat knitting architect. I’ve built my career on knitted Hat design. For 16 years I’ve been turning Hats inside out, upside down and sideways, creating more than 350 patterns and 18 books, and now I’m making this expertise available to you online. Having taught hundreds of knitting workshops in person, I’ve gained plenty of insight into students’ practical stumbling blocks, and how to help you past them. If you’re a curious knitter, keen to explore new techniques and learn more about knitted construction, Hats offer vast possibilities – I can’t wait to share them with you!  

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